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Application and Enrolment EU and EEA Nationals and Foreigners with German Education


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the undergraduate study programmes at Heidelberg University are a higher-education entrance qualification as well as very good German-language knowledge. Additional qualifications may be required for individual study programmes. Detailed information on the special requirements in a given study programme can be found in the rules and regulations for admission (“Zulassungssatzungen”).


For international applicants who are citizens of an EU or EEA (European Economic Area) member country, the same rules and regulations as for German nationals apply. This is also the case with international applicants who have acquired a German university-entrance qualification (“Abitur”) in Germany or at a German school abroad (foreigners with German education – so-called “Bildungsinländer”). A formal application, however, is still mandatory for all subjects.

Enrolment/ Matriculation

Students who have been admitted for study must enrol in person at the International Relations Office by the deadline specified in the acceptance notification. All certificates required for admission (school certificates and university documents) must be submitted in the original at that time.

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