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Application Documents for the first subject-related Semester in Master's Programmes

When applying for a consecutive master's programme, special documents supporting your application may be required, depending on the subject you are applying for. Please refer to the rules and regulations of admission of the respective study course ("Zulassungsordnung") to get more detailed information on these documents. Please note that all necessary documents have to be handed in within the application period. Documents, which are handed in after the deadline for applications cannot be considered for the application process. Moreover, only documents that are handed in with regular mail can be considered (i.e. documents sent in emails will not be considered).

Application documents which must be handed in in any case

  • Application for admission to a master's programme
    • Admission-restricted and locally capped consecutive master's programmes and/or with selection interview during the admission procedure:
      • signed print-out of the PDF file generated at the end of the online application.
    • Admission-restricted consecutive master's programmes:
  • All University degree certificates and transcripts: i.e. official certificates attained at an institution of higher education or a university (colleges, academies etc.) that cover all academic achievements as well as a list of all individual grades achieved each semester or year of study.
    • Degree certificates and transcripts from German universities: copies of those certificates / transcripts
    • Degree certificates and transcripts from foreign universities: officially certified copies or duplicates of those certificates / transcripts. In addition (with the exception of documents in English and German), an officially certified translation of the documents into English or German must be provided. This applies to applicants with German citizenship, too. Further information is given here.
      • A foreign university transcript must be accompanied by a statement explaining the grading system used at that university, which will enable the necessary conversion to the equivalent German grade. The statement must indicate the maximum and minimum grades of the foreign system. Any semester taken at an institution of higher education in Germany must be documented by enrolment certificates (original or officially certified copy).
    • If the degree certificate is not available by the end of the application period a provisional transcript from your university with your results to date will be enough, with the promise that the course will be completed by the beginning of the semester  for which the admission is being requested. Please include, if possible, a certificate of your current grade point average from the university examination office.


  •  Foreign and stateless applicants (with the exception of those with German University Entrance Qualification): In addition:
    • For master's programmes taught in German: proof of German language proficiency (uncertified copy); a prerequisite for sitting the German language test for university admission (Test DSH) at Heidelberg University is written proof of completion of at least 1,000 - 1,200 hours of German lessons at a recognised institution.
    • Proof of how the applicant's studies will be financed (this does NOT apply to applicants from EU/EEA countries)
    • Uncertified copy of the applicant's passport (page featuring the passport holder's name in Latin script)
    • When applicable: Officially certified copy or duplicate of the certificate proving successful completion of the Feststellungsprüfung, including the list of individual grades achieved.
    • When applicable: Officially certified copies or duplicates of certificates for any university admission examinations passed abroad, including the list of individual grades achieved and, where available, the letter of admission from the foreign university. In addition (with the exception of documents in German or English), an officially certified translation of the documents into German must be provided.
  • Applicants with certificates attained at an institution of higher education / a university / high school in Vietnam and the People's Republic of China: In addition: original certificate obtained from the respective Academic Evaluation Centre (Akademische Prüfstelle - APS) at a German embassy.

Further documents

Please consult the websites of the desired course of study as well as the respective regulations of admission to find out which additional documents are required for the application for admission, e.g.

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of language skills
  • Proof of vocational training, work experience or other achievements
  • Summary of thesis submitted for your first degree

Application for recognition of extraordinary hardship

In the restricted consecutive master’s programmes, Heidelberg University sets aside up to 5 percent of the study places available for cases of extraordinary hardship. Before submitting this special form along with your application, please read the following information sheet, at the moment only available in German, carefully. Cases of hardship are approved only under exceptional circumstances; examples are provided in the information sheet.






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