Application process

Several master's programmes require submitting an application through the Central University Administration.

Varying application deadlines can apply.


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Master's Degrees

Consecutive Master's Programmes
Non-consecutive and continuing education Master's Programmes
Catalogue of Subjects


Continuing degree programmes are tied to specific terms of admission. Different deadlines and application processes apply to these advanced courses of study. For information on the different master’s degree categories, see the short description. Additional information on the application process for German and international students.

Consecutive Master’s Degree Programmes

Consecutive master’s programmes are those that build on the bachelor’s degree programme according to the programme and examination regulations. The master’s programme can advance and deepen the knowledge gained in the bachelor’s programme or expand into an affiliated subject area. The Master of Education encompasses a variety of subject areas and you will therefore find information about it on a specific webside.


Non-consecutive and Continuing Master’s Degree Programmes

Continuing Master’s Degree Programmes

Continuing master’s degree programmes require qualifying professional experience of at least one year in addition to a university degree.

Master's Programmes that are being phased out

Subject Catalogue


Range of subjects offered at Heidelberg University for the master's degree.

The subject combinations for the master’s programmes are found in the respective examination regulations.


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