Academic Year 2012/2013

New professorships

Winter Semester 2007/2008

New Professorship Degree Programme
Physics and Astronomy Physics (Bachelor)
Physics (Teaching Certificate)
Law/Public Law Law (State Examination)
Geoinformatics Geography (Bachelor)
Geography (Teaching Certificate)

Winter Semester 2008/2009

New Professorship Degree Programme
Life Sciences / Developmental Biology of Plants Biology (Bachelor)
Transcultural Studies / Chinese Studies East Asian Studies (Bachelor)
Chinese Studies (Bachelor)
Political Science / Institutions and Governance Theorie Political Science (Bachelor)
Political Science (Teaching Certificate)

Winter Semester 2009/2010

New Professorship Degree Programme
Molecular Biotechnology Molecular Biotechnology (Bachelor)
Computational Linguistics Computational Linguistics (Bachelor)

Winter Semester 2010/2011

New Professorship Degree Programme
Environmental Law Law (State Examination)
History of Theology, Churches and Religion of the USA American Studies (Bachelor)
Christianity and Culture (Bachelor)
Geography of North America American Studies (Bachelor)
Geography (Bachelor)

Winter Semester 2011/2012

New Professorship Degree Programme
Instilling Personal Competence in Educational Processes Secondary School Teaching Certificate
Experimental Solid-State Physics Physics (Bachelor)
Physics (Teaching Certificate)
Two staff positions Interprofessional Healthcare (Bachelor)

Winter Semester 2012/2013

New Professorship für Studiengang
Biochemistry Biochemistry (Bachelor)
Comparative Regional History from a European Perspective History (Bachelor)
History (Teaching Certificate)
Applied Historical Science - Public History History (Bachelor)
History (Teaching Certificate)


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