Academic Year 2012/2013

New and expanded academic programmes

As part of the “Higher Education 2012” programme, Heidelberg University is boosting the number of study places for university entrants in both extremely popular programmes and those less in demand. New courses of study are also being set up. The state of Baden-Württemberg has approved approx. 730 new places for entrants to Heidelberg University since the 2007/2008 winter semester.

The following disciplines are adding study places:

  • Ancient History (Bachelor)
  • Biosciences (Bachelor)
  • Educational Sciences (Bachelor)
  • Chemistry (Bachelor)
  • Christianity and Culture (Bachelor)
  • Computational Linguistics (Bachelor)
  • East Asian Studies (Bachelor)
  • Economics (Political Economics) (Bachelor)
  • Educational Science (Teaching Certificate)
  • Ethnology (Bachelor)
  • European Art History (Bachelor)
  • Geography (Bachelor, Teaching Certificate)
  • German (Teaching Certificate)
  • History (Bachelor, Teaching Certificate)
  • Latin (Teaching Certificate)
  • Law (State Examination)
  • Medicine (State Examination)
  • Molecular Biotechnology (Bachelor)
  • Musicology (Bachelor)
  • Philosophy (Bachelor, Teaching Certificate)
  • Physics (Bachelor, Teaching Certificate)
  • Political Science (Bachelor, Teaching Certificate)
  • Romance Languages (Teaching Certificate)
  • Sports and Sports Sciences (Bachelor, Teaching Certificate)
  • Translation Studies: English (Bachelor)
  • Translation Studies: Spanish (Bachelor)

The following new degree programmes were set up:

  • American Studies (Bachelor)
  • 2011/2012 winter semester: Interprofessional Healthcare (Bachelor)
  • Biochemistry (Bachelor)
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