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Academic Year 2012/2013

Twice the number of school-leavers

Student UB MO SchulzDue to the changeover from the nine-year to the eight-year secondary school term, 2012 saw two graduating classes in Baden-Württemberg bound for university study. The discontinuation of compulsory military or alternative service also meant a larger number of university entrants. Heidelberg University responded to this expected rise in the number of applicants by:

  • Increasing the number of first-year places
  • Establishing new academic programmes
  • Creating new professorships
  • Expanding physical capacity
  • Broadening academic counselling services

The Baden-Württemberg “Higher Education 2012” programme funded these ventures, with additional support from the "2020 Higher Education Pact" of the Federal Government and the States. “Higher Education 2012” received 485 million euros from Baden-Württemberg. An additional 195 million euros came via the "2020 Higher Education Pact".

New and expanded academic programmes

New professorships

FAQs on the academic year 2012/2013

I’m studying computational linguistics in Heidelberg because...

video computational linguistics

Computational linguistics is receiving special support from the “Higher Education 2012” programme. Students talk about why they chose this subject area and why they recommend it.

More statements on computational linguistics, physics and Chinese studies (German only)


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