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International Relations Office/
International Students Office
Seminarstrasse 2
69117 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 6221 54-5454

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International Relations Office

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The International Relations Office of Heidelberg University provides assistance to prospective international students, students from abroad already studying at the university, international doctoral candidates and visiting faculty, as well as all students at Heidelberg wishing to spend some time abroad.

Prospective international students of Heidelberg University can find all the information they need on study programmes, the application process, registration and regulations for foreign residents in the Serviceportal (room 33). Here you can pick up informational brochures, bulletins, and application forms. The staff will gladly explain the application process steps and how to fill out the appropriate forms. The staff of the Admissions Office for International Students are responsible for processing your submitted application dossiers.

International students who are already enrolled at Heidelberg University can obtain information on living and studying in Heidelberg as well as assistance with residency and administrative issues (change of study programme, leave of absence, exmatriculation, etc.) and any other concerns. Your first point of contact is the Serviceportal (room 33), where the staff will be glad to assist you. This is also where you can pick up the Semester Events Programme including excursions and academic and cultural events. In the Student Advisory Office of the International Relations Office you can also obtain assistance and support with any questions or problems regarding your stay in Heidelberg. For administrative procedures (change of study programme, leave of absence, etc.), please consult the staff of the International Students Office.

The Graduate Academy provides information and support to international doctoral candidates at Heidelberg University in general matters regarding their degree as well as funding opportunities.

International academics from all faculties and research institutions at Heidelberg University can obtain information and support at the Welcome Centre.

Heidelberg students

wishing to pursue study or an internship abroad can obtain information on exchange and partnership programmes, financing and related legal issues in the Information Room 139 for Heidelberg Students on Study and Internships Abroad. Exchange coordinators are also available to help address any other questions or concerns.

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