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The Research Alumni Network was created for current and former visiting researchers in Heidelberg as well as for researchers with a Heidelberg background working abroad. More than 400 members from a wide range of disciplines and countries is using this special service within Heidelberg Alumni International.

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Heidelberg Alumni International (HAI)

HAI is the central alumni initiative of the university - the worldwide network for all former and current students, researchers, administrative and teaching staff. Since 1996, HAI offers its members in collaboration with its professional, national and international alumni groups a varied assortment of services, information, activities and events online in HAInet, in Heidelberg, in Germany and worldwide.

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Building & Expanding of the Network

2011-2019 supported by the Collaborative Project “International Research Marketing”



Issue 1/2020, February 2020 | German

New design and news from the network

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A new look for a new decade: the 16th edition of the Research Alumni Newsletter is the first to showcase a new design. Network members, which now include German researchers with a Heidelberg background who work abroad, will now have the possibility of sharing information about their research and projects. [More...]


HeKKSaGOn alliance and honorary doctorate

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At the seventh meeting of university presidents of the German-Japanese university consortium HeKKSaGOn in Heidelberg, the partners issued a joint declaration on the further development of their cooperation. The Japanese jurist Ryuji Yamamoto was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Heidelberg Faculty of Law. [More...]


Six HAIreconnect fellows

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A total of six research alumni from Japan, South Korea and Bangladesh took advantage of the HAIreconnect programme to return to Heidelberg for a brief stay in 2019. On this occasion, HAI was able to recruit four new Research Ambassadors for Heidelberg. [More...]


“I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg”


The Research Alumni Network lives by and with its members – visiting scientists that are currently conducting research in Heidelberg or have already concluded their stay and are continuing their work elsewhere. We will introduce three of these scientists in each edition of this newsletter. In this edition:


Prof. Dr Weiping Feng, Germanist, Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing/China

Dr Jotaro Kuno, Historian, Doshisha University, Kyoto/Japan

Isabel Paredes Cisneros, Medical Physicist, DKFZ, Heidelberg/Germany


Simulation of life-like processes

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The new Max Planck School Matter to Life is offering a new form of graduate education, with the active participation of Heidelberg University. The school – a joint initiative of several universities and research institutions – will enable graduates with a bachelor’s degree to continue their studies with a research-oriented master’s programme and subsequent doctorate in the construction of life-like processes and systems. [More...]


Ten „Highly Cited Researchers“

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The current list of Highly Cited Researchers includes ten researchers from Heidelberg University. The international analysis recognises academics whose publications in their respective field are the most frequently cited worldwide. It also names researchers who have published widely across multiple disciplines. [More...]


Prehistoric Skeleton discovered

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A prehistoric human skeleton found in southern Mexico is at least 10,000 years old and most likely dates from the end of the most recent ice age, the late Pleistocene. The fossil record made by an international research team led by geoscientists from Heidelberg University provides important clues on the early settlement history of the American continent. [More...]