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You want to get involved but you do not know how? Here are some ideas.

Endowment or donation? What is the difference?


Endowment (for investing)

With an endowment, you strengthen the foundation of one or more funding initiatives and enable Heidelberg University to sustainably meet the goals of the fund out of its annual income. One good example is the Future Fund. Endowments provide special tax benefits.


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Donation (for expenditure)

With a traditional donation, you contribute directly and immediately to a specific funding initiative of Heidelberg University. Such donations are especially suited to near-term projects (e.g. construction or renovations) or funds (e.g. Young Researchers Fund) whose work requires ongoing support.


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A wealth of options to get involved

1. Pave the way for coming generations

You can support Heidelberg University through your uncommitted funds, for example for the Future Fund, since its revenues are always available and can be used in a flexible way.

Building the foundations Platzhalter Future fund Platzhalter  

2. Create perspectives

Our different thematic funds allow you to support selected causes in an uncomplicated way.


Young Researchers Fund Platzhalter Financial Aid Fund Platzhalter
Top Researchers Fund   Scientific heritage fund    

3. Turn your ideas into action

In many cases, it is possible to donate on an individual basis, for example a donation spread over several years or funds to support young researchers of a special field. You are thinking about setting up a trust foundation or an endowment fund within the university’s corporate assets? We will be happy to advise and support you. Please contact us.

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