The Ruperto Carola Campaign

Why your support matters

ZUKUNFT STIFTEN – EMPOWERING THE FUTURE – that is the motto and aim of this latest Heidelberg University campaign. The primary objective of the initiative is to win sponsors that will allow us to secure the successful future of the university. The Ruperto Carola Campaign ZUKUNFT STIFTEN will span five years and is supposed to end in the summer semester 2019. However, the structures that have been created shall continue to exist after the end of the campaign.


„We, personally, consider it at privilege to be alumni of Heidelberg University. We give to the university because we want to give back and say ‘thank you’ in any way we can.“

Hans Decker, Heidelberg University Association’s Board President, and
Kathleen Lance, HAUS President


Short-term support, long-term sponsorship

  • If young talents are to be developed, visionary projects implemented and innovative methods put into practice, researchers need a supportive environment that believes in them and ensures their independence.
  • In a time of global competition for the best and brightest minds, one of our goals must be to bring outstanding young people to Heidelberg.
  • We have to create incentives in order to get top researchers enthusiastic about Heidelberg University and to be able to keep them at our university by creating an excellent working environment and with the help of allowances.
  • As an excellent university, we must be able to offer excellent conditions to both researchers and students. This does not just mean outfitting laboratories and purchasing state-of-the-art equipment. It also includes buildings with modern lecture halls and seminar rooms, and well-appointed libraries. Careful modernization of the university's historical buildings to adapt them to present and future requirements is a key element in this endeavor.
  • We want to support and strengthen the new forms of teaching and learning that have evolved in our digital society.
  • Besides, we want to help students and young researchers to bridge financial gaps in order to ensure the success of their work.

Heidelberg University has garned a first-place position among the German universities in 2016, also known as the Shanghai Ranking. Besides, the university ranks 47th in the world and 68th in the QS World University Ranking 2017/2018, an improvement by 4 places compared to last year.

Shanghai-Ranking of World Universities (Academic Ranking of World Universities)
QS World University Ranking

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