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Exchange and Networking

Kaminzimmer der Bel Etage

Photo: Atelier Altenkirch, Karlsruhe
The Career Talks create a platform for communication, exchange and interdisciplinary networking and thus tie in with the goal of the Excellence Initiative to assist young researchers with their career planning.
Past Career Talks:
- With Professor Ulrike Gerhard, Dr. Guido Grossmann and Dr. Kay Brunner (Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH) on the subject "Leadership skills - a key for a succesful career in academia and industry?" (2016)
- With Professor Jale Tosun on the subject of "Finally a professor - now what?" (2015)
- With Professor Oliver Trapp on the subject of "The appointment process" (2014)
- With Professor Barbara Mittler on the subject "Strategies for career planning in academia" (2013)
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