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Pathways to promoting the future

The Division for Foundations and Assets provides expert assistance in all matters regarding your financial support from the very beginning. We will be happy to discuss contribution options or the substance and goals of current projects as well as answer all your questions regarding donations and endowments.


You can:

  • Ensure the long-term viability of Heidelberg University through a ge­neral-purpose endowment to the capital stock of the Ruperto Carola Future Fund.
  • Make a specific endowment to the capital stock of an existing fund, such as the Scientific Heritage Fund, the Top Researchers Fund, or the Young Researchers Fund.
  • Directly fund a specific idea, project or programme of Heidelberg University or its subject fields in the form of a contribution. You can choose to make a one-time contribution or support a specific activity at Heidelberg University over the long term (e.g., the Financial Aid Fund or Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship).
  • Set up a separate trust foundation or endowment fund at Heidelberg University, with annual proceeds targeted to the science and teaching goals that you designate. We will also be happy to discuss with you the option of leaving a bequest (e.g., establishing a foundation).

You can also review the latest ways to contribute on the web site for the ongoing ZUKUNFT STIFTEN - THE RUPERTO CAROLA CAMPAIGN.

Contributions to Heidelberg University for the purposes of research and teaching are tax-deductible. We will provide you with a donation receipt once your contribution is received. Our bank details:


Stiftungskasse Universität Heidelberg

Bank: BW-Bank Stuttgart
IBAN: DE90 6005 0101 7421 5042 29

Every commitment makes a difference and is an important building block for science and education. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally and discuss your individual interests and most appropriate type of financial instrument. Please feel free to contact us.

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