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Volunteers visit the house of astronomy and the state observatory

The Heidelberg University volunteers were honored for their special commitment.


Friedrich Reutner - Award for Medical Research (Ger)

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Reutner, honorary senator of Heidelberg University promotes an Award for Medical Research at Heidelberg University.

Friends all over the world

Friends & Supporters


Dear friends and supporters,

Eitel 100x125the following pages will take you through the various ways you can support research and teaching at Heidelberg University as well as demonstrate without a doubt that which commitment can set in motion. I invite you to shape a piece of the future with us.


Yours, Bernhard Eitel, Rector


Ways to contribute

Ways to contributeSupport Heidelberg University as you do your own goals and interests. Our state-of-the-art research, diversity of subjects, international orientation and interdisciplinary interconnectedness offer any number of ways to get involved. [More...]



Donations & Endowments

Donations and Endowments The Division of Relations, Donations and Financial Management is your competent fundraising partner. Our associates can answer any of your questions regarding the substantive, legal and tax issues of a commitment. [More...]



Dedicated Volunteerism

Dedicated Volunteerism Our volunteers are an important pillar of the university – without their dedication, our ability to offer what we do, e.g. open the University Museum or provide assistance to foreign students/visiting scientists, would be inconceivable. [More...]



Funding Success Stories

Funding Success Stories We sincerely thank all donors and benefactors of Heidelberg University for their support. They have brought about so much progress in the areas of research and education, opened up and revealed new and forward-looking possibilities. Commitment is worth it! Here are several projects we would like to introduce. [More...]


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