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Alumni and friends of Heidelberg University are now able to support the Ruperto Carola Campaign by donating online.


Germany Scholarships have been awarded

The Germany Scholarship will be awarded to 167 students this fall semester 2015/2016. We want to thank all our supporters.

Friends all over the world

Friends & Supporters

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​Zukunft Stiften - The Ruperto Carola Campaign

Help us make our university an even more dynamic and outstanding place of research and teaching in the coming years. Your support is much appreciated! [More…]

Ruperto Carola Future Fund

Funds at a glance

Donations & Endowments

Spenden und StiftenThe Division for Foundations and Assets is your expert fundraising partner. Our associates can answer any of your questions regarding the substantive, legal and tax issues of any financial commitment. [More...]


The ‘Deutschlandstipendium’ supports talented junior academics of all nationalities at German universities, and hence also at Heidel­berg University.

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Informationen für Studierende

Dedicated Volunteerism

EhrenamtOur volunteers are an important pillar of the university – without their dedication, our ability to offer what we do, e.g. open the University Museum or provide assistance to foreign students and visiting scientists, would be inconceivable. [More...]

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