Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

„The Beauty of the City and the Reputation of its University”

By Hussein Sweiti

When I first came to Heidelberg four years ago, I had a single goal in mind: to participate in a German language course. During my stay, I was thrilled by the beauty of the city and the reputation of its university, and decided to spontaneously apply for admission as a first year medical student.


Deciding to study in Heidelberg was not an easy choice, as I had to cancel former plans to join other universities in Canada or the UK. This also meant that I had to learn a new language and adapt to a culture I was unfamiliar with.

Thanks to the university infrastructure, I was smoothly integrated into studying medicine at one of Europe’s best medical schools. Here, international students are offered a special course in Anatomy to help them overcome the language barrier. The professors and the deanship also pay special attention to the needs of their students that come from all corners of the globe. In addition, the "Studentenwerk" provides solid grounds for a cultural and social integration, and is a key institution for solving everyday issues.

After five years of studying in Heidelberg, I am trying to evaluate the results of choosing this university and no other. Firstly, I find that not only did I learn the German language and culture, but also enjoyed a true European experience as it is meant to be. Through the university’s language center, the "Sprachlabor", I was able to improve my skills in four other foreign languages. Besides, I discovered my interest in event organization, and changed my status from a frequent visitor to an organizer of massive cultural events at the "InfoCafé International" (ICI).

When considering the academic aspect of studying in Heidelberg, there is no way you can miss the influence of its broad research orientation. As a student, you have the possibility of gaining hands-on research experience, and the opportunity to participate in exchange programs and internships made available by the University’s International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt - AAA).

As I come closer to graduation, I realize that not so many other places could have offered me that much room for personal development, and opened so many avenues for academic excellence comparable to what Heidelberg University did.