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Letters of Recommendation/Reference

Every student who has completed a course with Prof. Klonner (with credit) may obtain a letter of reference upon request.
To request a letter,  please send an email with the following materials to
Please notice that we will not fill in online forms.


Supervision of Theses

Prof. Klonner supervises Bachelor and Master Theses in the field of development economics, preferably relating to microeconomic issues (Prof. Axel Dreher specializes in macroeconomic issues of developing countries, Prof. Switgard Feuerstein in international trade). Your are encouraged to identify the thesis topic yourself; see these guidelines. After developing some initial ideas and processing the basic literature relevant for that topic, please schedule an office hour meeting with Prof. Klonner.

Once you turn in the thesis at the Prüfungsamt, please also email a pdf-copy of it to Stefan Klonner.


Recent Theses

Heidrun Weinelt: Economic Shocks and Child Labour - Empirical Evidence from Uganda
(Master Thesis submitted August 2015)

Lisa Oberländer: Community-based Health Insurance And Household Welfare – Empirical Evidence from Burkina Faso (Master Thesis submitted September 2013)


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