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Global Networks

Through the Global Networks funding programme, the university provides travel funding and short-term scholarships to postdocs and doctoral candidates in order to promote mobility in international research collaborations and the permanent establishment of such networks. So far 36 research collaborations in 17 fields have been supported with 88 partner institutions in 29 countries. Particular consideration is given to the following: multilateral cooperations with renowned international partner institutions, cooperations that do not fit the standard DAAD, DFG, and other programmes, or cannot be funded by the respective institution in the given case.


The following can be funded:

  • Costs for travel and accommodations for short-term sojourns by researchers of Heidelberg University and international partner institutions
  • Short-term scholarships for doctoral candidates and postdocs


Important: The following do not qualify for funding: individual doctoral projects not integrated into a larger cooperation; travel to conferences.

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