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Neurosciences Retreat


Kloster Schöntal

"Evolution of Cognitive Abilities"

09/10 July, 2017

An important part of each IZN Retreat is the poster session. In addition to the obligatory posters presented by the IZN PhD students on Sunday evening, the organizing committee encourages each IZN group to represent their work with a poster.
Please use the following template (A0 upright, not landscape):

Poster Prize!

There will be a prize (100€) for the best student poster presentation. Those students who have already completed their first doctoral year are obliged to present a poster at the poster session. Participation in the prize contest is of course optional.


Students will be evaluated in a two-step process:

  1. Students will give a short oral presentation (max 5 min., maybe shorter depending on the number of applicants) with only 3 science slides (+1 title slide) allowed per presentation. The audience will vote via the TED system on the overall clarity of the presentation and decide which student has ‘advertised’ his/her project best. Think of this presentation as a cover letter for a submitted manuscript – you want to be able to interest the editor (the audience in our case) in your science to further evaluate your scientific contribution.

  2. A committee will compare the posters of the three best-rated presenters regarding scientific content and clarity. The idea is to train the students to generate interest for their science and on top of that convince the audience of the quality of their work.


Please complete and send the IZN_Retreat_Poster_Registration Excel table with your poster details and whether or not you wish to participate in the poster contest to Otto Bräunling (IZN-Retreat@uni-heidelberg.de) by July 05, 2017 at the latest.



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