Seminars WS 2017/18

IZN Seminars take place on Wednesdays, 13:00, alternating with Neurobiology Lectures. Dates, rooms and speakers are indicated below.

Group leaders: please arrange a speaker and get in contact with the IZN Administrator Dr. Otto Bräunling who will include the booking on this page and distribute an announcement.

There is no computer provided, so the speaker must bring his/her own laptop. Projector, laserpointer and microphone are available.

The lecture halls are open during the lecture period, otherwise the key will be obtained from the Hausverwaltung by a member of the IZN Administration.

Someone will be there to provide technical assistance.

In case of technical problems, call 56-39234 (Herr Schleweis).

Date / Place Speaker(s) Title
20.09.2017 13:00
INF 306, HS2
04.10.2017 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Christian Wolf (Cognitive Neuropsychiatry) Neural correlates of auditory verbal hallucinations in patients with schizophrenia  
Carmen Rapp (AG Herold-Mende) Identification of T cell target antigens in glioblastoma stem-like cells using an integrated proteomics-based approach in patient specimens
18.10.2017 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Shehabeldin Elzoheiry (AG Kann) Characterization of neuronal ensembles during gamma oscillations in hippocampal slice cultures
Hazem Toutounji (AG Durstewitz) Detecting non-stationary events in multiple spike trains
01.11.2017 13:00
INF 306, HS2
15.11.2017 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Carlos Bas Orth (AG Bading) Synaptic activity-dependent metabolic plasticity: Evidence for a neuronal Warburg effect
Luca Guglielmi (AG Carl) A Wif-1-mediated feedback loop suppresses premature Wnt signaling in nascent habenular neurons
13.12.2017 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Sebastian Wieland (AG Kelsch) Dopamine induces salient representations in ventral striatum
10.01.2018 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Susanne Becker (AG Flor) Pain and quality of life in patients with mitochondrial diseases
Fabian Streit (AG Rietschel) Hair cortisol – a biomarker of HPA activation
24.01.2018 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Christian Thiel
(Zentrum für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin,
Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg)
Glycosylation in Health and Disease
Wolfgang Sommer (AG Sommer) Role of mPFC neuronal ensembles in reward seeking and alcohol addiction
07.02.2018 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Charlotte Bold (AG Müller) Therapeutic potential of APPsα in Tau transgenic mouse lines
Inmaculada Luque Molina (AG Ciccolini) Regulation of proliferation and AQP4 expression by GABA A Receptors in adult neural precursors
21.02.2018 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Matthias Zielonka (AG Kölker) Prevention of hyperammonia-induced neurotoxicity and mortality in zebrafish
04.04.2018 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Paulina Nuñez (AG Treede)  
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