Lectures and Seminars

The IZN hosts three lecture and seminar series:
- bi-weekly  IZN Seminars  which provide doctoral students or postdocs with an opportunity to present their projects;
- bi-weekly  Neurobiology Lectures  in which renowned scientists – mostly from abroad – talk about their latest research;
- weekly  BCCN Seminars  which take place alternately in Mannheim and Heidelberg.

Other Events

In addition, the IZN organizes special lectures, international symposia and the annual IZN retreat at Kloster Schöntal/Jagst that has become a tradition for Heidelberg/Mannheim neuroscientists to meet and discuss science.

Events in 2016


16.4.2016: The German National Brain Bee Competition



29.04.2016: Lehrerfortbildung

Schmerz – Funktionen und Fehlfunktionen eines wichtigen Sinnes
Prof. Dr. Andreas Draguhn / Susanne Bechtel



10 & 11.07.2016: ​IZN Retreat
Kloster Schoental Kloster Schöntal



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