Wiring new neurons within adult brain circuits

KelschWolfgang Kelsch

RG Developmental Biology
Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Central Institute of Mental Health
University Heidelberg
68159 Mannheim
Phone:  +49-621-1703-6208
Fax:  +49-621-1703-1205
Email:  wolfgang.kelsch@zi-mannheim.de
Website:  https://www.zi-mannheim.de/forschung/abteilungen-ags-institute/psychiatrie/arbeitsgruppen-psychiatrie/entwbio/entwicklungsbiol-psychiatr-stoer.html

Research Summary

New neurons encounter different environments depending on whether they integrate into developing or adult brain circuits. We aim to understand the factors governing synaptic wiring to gain insight into circuit assembly and function during brain development.

Structure of the Group:

Group Leader:  Wolfgang Kelsch
Postdoc:  Manfred Oswald
PhD students:  Lennart Oettl, Namas Ravi, Sebastian Schindler, Sebastian Wieland
Technician:  Cathrin Huber


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