IZN Teaching

The IZN teaching programme provides a broad spectrum of lectures, courses, and seminars covering all areas of neuroscience. Particular emphasis is given to all aspects of molecular cell biology, developmental and systems neuroscience. Clinics of the Heidelberg and Mannheim Medical Faculties, specialized in neurological and psychiatric diseases, also contribute to the IZN teaching programme.

The pages of the study guide "Neurobiology in Heidelberg" give you an overall view about studying neurosciences in Heidelberg.

For information about the Major “Neuroscience” within the Masters Degree program “Molecular Biosciences”, please follow this link .

The IZN doctoral program, which is presented here, consists of lectures, seminars and course work. For further information and enrollment, please contact Dr. Otto Bräunling: Braeunling@nbio.uni-heidelberg.de .

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