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Improving Stroke Treatment

Methods from optogenetics and machine learning should help improve treatment options for stroke patients. Researchers from Heidelberg University have now developed a computer vision technique. [More...]

DFG Funding for Two Research Training Groups

In the current approval round of the German Research Foundation, Heidelberg University garnered approval for two Research Training Groups, which are established to promote young researchers. [More...]

The Phenomenon of Superconductivity

Fermions in flatland pair up at very high temperatures: Heidelberg physicists find evidence of an exotic state of matter. The findings from the field of quantum physics were published in Science magazine. [More...]

Of Facts, Errors and Lies

We are constantly challenged to distinguish between facts, error and lies. This is the theme of the 11th edition of “Ruperto Carola”, the research magazine for the whole University. [More...]

Mission to Phaethon Asteroid

Geochemists from Heidelberg are major players in the Destiny+ mission to research the Phaethon asteroid – a joint project of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency and the German Aerospace Center. [More...]

Automatic Cell Tracking in Microscopy Images

Researchers from Heidelberg have developed a new computer-based image analysis method to automatically track the movement of cells in microscopy images. [More...]

English Press Releases

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Monday 22nd January 2018

02:15 PM

Context-Aware Movement Analysis: An Application to Similarity Search of Trajectories

Dr. Mohammad Sharif, Department of Geographic Information Systems, Faculty of Geomatics Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

04:00 PM

Is there a countermovement against neo-liberalism in India today?

Prof. John Harriss, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver/Canada

04:15 PM

Das Internet der Dinge und Industrie 4.0 – Ein deutsch-japanischer Vergleich (auf Japanisch)

Toru Kumagai, Journalist, München

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