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The Equal Opportunities Office is responsible for developing gender equality measures for the university and its institutions as well as for the systematic promotion of young female academics. Furthermore we continually work on improving the conditions for combining scientific careers with a sustainable family life.



Agne Speck Neu 2015

Gender Consulting and Management

Dr. Agnes Speck
06221 54-7659









Charlotte v. Knobelsdorff Neu 2015

Equal Opportunities at the departments, Studiying with children
"Walksafe"- programmmes

Charlotte von Knobelsdorff, Dipl.-Soz. (parental leave)
06221 54-3927



Lina Neu 2015

Cooperation and Communication

Lina Girdziute, M.A.
06221 54-7798





Funding programmes and Career TrackingCarmen Waiblinger Neu 2015

​, Gender Controlling

Carmen Waiblinger, M.A.
06221 54-4013






Service for Families - Children's Centre

Unihd Glstb Team 9339hp Web2

Andrea Steinmann, M.A.

Louise Bourkamp
Erica Meier Perin
Simone Kotulla

Hauptstraße 126
69117 Heidelberg
phone: 06221 54-3923
fax: 06221 54-7271
office hours: Monday-Thursday 8.30 -13.00






Kooperationsprojekt Forschungsverbünde


Lena Esplá, M.A.
06221 54-3999




Diversity Management


Evelyn Kuttikattu, M.A.
06221 54-7697






Project assistance

Bettina Wieser, Dipl.-Übers.
06221 54-7697



Student Staff


Annika Werner, B.A.
Christopher Nowak, B.A.
Ina Engelsberg
Kristina Gusak



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