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Olympia Morata Programme of Heidelberg University

Funding programme of Heidelberg University


General information: As part of its plan for the advancement of women, Heidelberg University with this qualification programme provides positions to support young female researchers. The aim of this programme is to support qualified female researchers in their habilitation or comparable qualification at Heidelberg University.

The Olympia Morata Programme typically funds a part-time position (pay grade 13/TV-L) from a central job pool or general funds. Female postdoctoral researchers with independent research achievements may apply for these positions. The institutes, at which the researchers work, are expected to make available part-time positions (pay grade 13/TV-L) or other personnel resources as well.


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: During the funding period, a research-related stay abroad of up to one year may be undertaken. In addition to funding the position, travel expenses will also be covered. In this case, a concrete plan for the stay abroad should be submitted together with the application.


Application procedure: Applications have to be submitted to the Equal Opportunities Office of Heidelberg University. An awarding committee evaluates the received applications and selects the candidates.


Olympia Morata Programme of the Medical Faculty Heidelberg: Female medical scientists at Heidelberg University have the opportunity to apply for positions in the Medical Faculty's own Olympia Morata Programme as well. We recommend that female medical scientists get in touch with the Equal Opportunities Office of Heidelberg University and/or the Deanery of Research at the Medical Faculty Heidelberg before handing in their application to receive information on the different deadlines.


Those interested in the programme can receive information as well as the questionnaire forms from the Equal Opportunities Office of Heidelberg University. For additional information about the programme you may also contact Dr. Agnes Speck and Carmen Waiblinger.


Dr. Agnes Speck

06221 / 54 - 7697


Carmen Waiblinger

06221 / 54 - 4013


Please note: The application deadline for funding commencing in 2016 has passed. We will inform you about a new round of announcements on this site in due course.



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