The paper “Second and Third Party Punishment under Costly Monitoring Research Paper” by Timo Goeschl and Johannes Jarke has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Economic Psychology.

The paper “Group Size and the (In)Efficiency of Pure Public Goods Provision” by Johannes Diederich, Timo Goeschl, and Israel Waichman has been accepted for publication in the European Economic Review.

The paper “The Climate Policy Hold-Up” by Timo Goeschl and Grischa Perino has been accepted for publication in the Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

The paper “The Sopranos Redux: The Empirical Economics of Waste Crime” by Christian Almer and Timo Goeschl has been published in the most recent issue of Regional Studies.



Dr. Daniel Heyen has left the Research Center for Environmental Economics to take up a prestigious DFG-Fellowship at the Grantham Research Institute for Climate Research and the Environment, London School of Economics



Das neue Programm der öffentlichen Reihe "Heidelberger Brücke" des HCE für ist da. Sie finden das Programm hier.



The next  FZU-ZEW EnvEcon Monthly Brownbag will take place Tuesday, June 28th, 12:30 to 14:00 at the Seminar Room (room # 215) FZU, Bergheimer Str. 20, 69115 Heidelberg.


Environmental Policy and Simultaneous Incentives for Process
and Product Innovation: Theory and Experimental Evidence

Presenter: tba


This paper studies incentives to simultaneously invest in process and
product innovations in an oligopolistic market. We compare the effects of
four policy instruments - emission standards, performance standards,
tradeable permits, and auctioned permits. For homogeneous firms,
grandfathered permits always yield the lowest level of process innovation
while performance standards induce the highest level unless investment costs
are very high. With respect to the capacity to induce product innovation
performance standards strictly dominate all other instruments independent of
the investment costs. Combining both effects in a welfare analysis shows
that performance standards lead to the highest level of welfare, again
unless investment costs are very high. Experimental evidence confirms the
superiority of performance standards.

All interested persons are welcome!



  • Sprechstunde Prof. Goeschl: Dienstags 17.00 - 18.00 Uhr. Bitte einen Termin per Email ( vereinbaren.
  • Informationen zum Thema "Klausureinsicht" finden Sie hier 


Angebote für Jobs, Praktika, Promotion etc.

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