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Shenbao and electronic index to the early Shenbao


  • Heidelberg: Universität Heidelberg, Sinologisches Seminar, 2002


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  • Electronic Index to Early Shenbao:
    • This online-index of important articles from the Shanghai daily Shenbao (1872-1949) covers the years from the paper's foundation in April 1872 to the end of the year 1898. It is designed to provide quick keyword access to the more than 11,000 entries and thus facilitate the use of this important source for the history of late Qing China.
      The index includes all leading articles from the Shenbao itself, as well as the articles reprinted from Hong Kong papers, above all those from the early Xunhuan Ribao 循環日報 (i.e. 1874 to 1879) edited by Wang Tao, which are not preserved otherwise. The selection of other items, such as news reports, official documents, letters to the editor, etc. is based on their length and perceived importance for ongoing debates. Only very little of the poetry is included. Not indexed are the contents of the Shenbao reprints of the Jingbao 京報 (Peking Gazette) as well as of advertisements.
      The index is designed as a cooperative work in progress. Therefore a COMMENT window has been implemented to enable users to make immediate remarks on any specific entry. You are welcomed and asked to make use of this function!
      Please contact Andrea Janku for comments and suggestions.
    • The development of this database has been made possible by a generous grant from the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, Cologne, Germany. We express our sincere gratitude for their support of this project.
      The database was built up by Andrea Janku for the years 1872-1892 and by Nanny Kim for the years 1893-1895, the manual was designed by Nanny Kim, the Web-template was developed by Jens Oestergard Petersen (Copenhagen), the initial idea for the database came from Rudolf G. Wagner who also acted as project supervisor.
  • Shenbao Fulltext Database:
    • The Shenbao-database offers access to the most important historical newspaper in China. Shenbao newspaper was first published in April 30th, 1872 in the Shanghai International Settlement. Under Ernest Major (1841-1908) as editor, Shenbao developed into the first modern newspaper in China and soon became the most read daily paper nationwide. The database covers the full run of Shenbao, from April 1872 to its cessation in May 1949. In this version, the database makes available searchable fulltexts and pdf-images of most issues. All other issues are presented as digital images in pdf-format. The digitized and indexed full version will cover all issues of the paper as searchable fulltexts and in pdf-format.


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