In Summer Semester 2017, Dr. Julia Lougovaya offered a webinar on “Greek Literary Ostraca.” As part of their assignments for the class, students were asked to use the online publication platform, a Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri (DCLP), to produce electronic editions of ancient Greek literary texts that survive on broken ceramic sherds (also known as ostraca) found mainly in Egypt. These entries were then vetted by two members of an international editorial board of papyrologists before being accepted as online publications.

Here is a sample of student work now available in DCLP:

An00349397 001 L1. An Anthology Including Passages from Homer, Hesiod, Euripides, Theognis and Pseudo-Epicharmus http://www.litpap.info/dclp/62676
2. A Syllabic Abecedarium http://www.litpap.info/dclp/65429
3. Erotic Epigram from the Island of Rhodes http://www.litpap.info/dclp/217929
4. Two Sententiae on Education Perhaps by Antisthenes http://www.litpap.info/dclp/59137
5. Isocrates, ad Demonicum 28 http://www.litpap.info/dclp/61352
6. Iambic Trimeters about Tyche http://www.litpap.info/dclp/63868
7. Alphabetic Sententiae http://www.litpap.info/dclp/63869
8. A Riddle http://www.litpap.info/dclp/63870
9. Euripides, Phoinissae http://www.litpap.info/dclp/59912

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