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4th International Symposium: Discourse Markers in Romance Languages

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4th International Symposium
“Discourse Markers in Romance Languages: A Contrastive Approach”
May 6 to 9, 2015
Universität Heidelberg

The Centre for Ibero-American Studies at Heidelberg University (IAZ) invites researchers on discourse markers in Romance languages to take part in the 4th International Symposium “Discourse Markers in Romance Languages: A Contrastive Approach”, which will be held from May 6 to 9, 2015 in Heidelberg (Germany).

The Heidelberg Symposium is one of a series of conferences on discourse markers in Romance languages (Madrid, 2010; Buenos Aires, 2011; Campinas, 2012) and aims to build on the previous events. With its contrastive focus, the symposium serves as a platform for internationally renowned linguists, and particularly for young researchers, to exchange views and ideas and broaden their research perspectives.

With special reference to discourse particle research, the conference will be an opportunity to look at the findings provided so far by contrastive linguistics and related disciplines. Plenary lectures will take a more general approach to the topic while specialized presentations are planned to be given in the following five theme sessions:

  • Contrastive Linguistics and Discourse Markers: Contrastive semasiology and onomasiology of discourse markers in Romance languages and their varieties
  • Translation Studies and Discourse Markers: Translation problems and challenges  posed by discourse markers
  • Contrastive Lexicography and Discourse Markers: Problems and challenges of theoretical metalexicography or contributions on historical (contrastive) lexicography
  • Contrastive Diachronic Linguistics and Discourse Markers: Diachronic research on discourse markers, including a contrastive approach to one or several discourse markers in one or more Romance languages     
  • Discourse Markers and Language Acquisition: Research on L1 or L2 reception and production of discourse markers in Romance languages

Presentations within theme sessions may be held in Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian. Plenary lectures will be held in English.

So far the following plenary speakers have kindly agreed to take part in the symposium:

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