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Device Fabrication - OFETs & more                    Standard Instruments
The Bunz group synthesises new semiconducting materials (heterocyclic compounds, conjugated polymers etc.) for application in organic electronic devices. Our characterisation facilities focus mainly on the fabrication and characterisation of organic thin film transistors (OFET) but are also used for organic photovoltaics (OPV) and organic light emitting diodes (OLED). Our facilities represent one of the core facilities for organic electronics at the Neuenheimer Feld, as we share these instruments with our collaboration partners Prof. Vaynzof (Optoelectronics, CAM) and Dr. Melzer (device fabrication & characterisation, CAM).
Glovebox (Device Fabrication)
Manufacturer: GS Glovebox System
Model: P(Sys)-II-S
Function: Gas Purification, Double T4 Size, 3 Antechambers, Nitrogen Purged, H2O and O2 < 1 ppm
Foto Glovebox
Manufacturer: Rame-Hart
Model: 250
Function: Contact Angle Measurements; Automatic Dispensing System for Different Fluids
Foto Goniometer
Parameter Analyzer
Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: SCS4200
Function: 4 SMU, 2 Preamplifier for I/V-Characteristics, CV-Unit for Impedance Measurements
Foto Parameter Analyzer
Plasma Surface Cleaner
Manufacturer: Plasmatechnology
Model: Flecto 10
Function: 300 W Oxygen or Hydrogen RF-Plasma, Glass Chamber
Foto Plasma Surface Cleaner
POM (Polarised Optical Microscopy)
Manufacturer: Nikon
Model: LV100i Pol
Function: Transmission, BF/DF, DIC, 10-100 X Pol, Linkam HeatStage up to 350 °C, Live-Imaging and Video Recoding
Foto Polarisationsmikroskop
Probe Station
Manufacturer: Cascade Microtech
Model: PH110
Function: Triax-coaxial Probes, Measurements under Inert Atmosphere
Foto Probe Station
(in Cooperation with Melzer Group/CAM)
Manufacturer: Bruker
Function: 3D-Mapping, Thickness Determination
Foto Profilometer
Spin Coater I
Manufacturer: Süss Microtech
Model: Delta 6 RC
Function: Built into Glovebox System, Sample Preparation under Inert Atmosphere
Foto Spin Coater I
Spin Coater II
Manufacturer: S.P.S
Model: Spin 150
Function: Table Top System for Standard Sample Preparation
Foto Spin Coater II
Thermal Metal Evaporator
(in Cooperation with Melzer Group/CAM)
Manufacturer: TecTra
Model: 3-Source Metal Evaporator
Function: Deposition of Au, Ag, Ca, Al, Cr, MoO3, LiF etc., Probe Rotation
Foto Thermal Metal Evaporator
Standard Instruments                        Device Fabrication - OFETs & more
Emission Spectrometer I
Manufacturer: PTI
Model: Quantum Master 40 with Ulbricht Sphere
Function: Measurements of Emission Spectra and Quantum Yield Estimation from 310 to 750 nm
Foto Emission Spectrometer I
Emission Spectrometer II
Manufacturer: Jasco
Model: FP6500
Function: Measurements of Emission Spectra in Solutions or Powdered Solids from 200 to 850 nm
Foto Emission Spectrometer II
Fluorescence Spectrometer
Manufacturer: Horiba Yvon
Model: Fluorocube
Function: Lifetime Estimation of Excited States in Fluorescence Stimulation at 376 nm
Foto Fluorescence Spectrometer
Freeze Dryer
Manufacturer: VirTis
Model: Benchtop K
Function: Considerate Water Removal
Foto Gefriertrockner
Manufacturer: Jasco
Model: 4100
Function: IR Spectrometer for Solid Phase Measurements
Foto Infrarot-Spektrometer
(in Cooperation with Helmchen Group/OCI)
Manufacturer: Agilent
GC: 7890A Network GC System SSL
MS: 5975C VL MSD
Function: Analytical Gasphase Separation Charakterisierung by Mass Spectrometry
GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatohraphy)
Manufacturer: Jasco
Model: PU-2080Plus / RI-2031Plus / UV-2075Plus
Function: Analytical Estimation Molecular Sizes
Foto GPC
HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)
Manufacturer: Jasco
Model: 250
Function: Liquid Phase Separation of Substance Mixtures; Possibility of Standard Definition and Quantification
Manufacturer: Canon
Model: EOS 7D
Function: Photographic Documentation of Fluorescent Materials
Foto Kamera
Laboratory Centrifuge
Manufacturer: Sigma
Model: 3-16L
Function: Separation of Solid/Liquid-Mixtures
Foto Laborzentrifuge
Microwave Reactor
Manufacturer: Anton Paar
Model: Monowave 300
Function: Synthetic Reactions up to 30 bar and 300 °C
Foto Microwave Reactor
Plate Reader
Manufacturer: BMG Labtech
Model: CLARIOstar
Function: Absorption and Emission Spectra
Foto Plate Reader
Plate Reader
Manufacturer: BMG Labtech
Model: FLUOstar Omega
Function: Emission Spectra
Foto Plate Reader
Pocket Spectrometer
Manufacturer: Ocean Optics
Model: Maya 2000 Pro
Function: Measurements of Emissions from 220 to 1050 nm
Foto Taschenspektrometer
Manufacturer: Princeton Applied Research
Model: VersaSTAT 3
Function: Electrochemical Measurements (Cyclovoltametry etc.)
Foto Potentiostat
Preparative HPLC
Manufacturer: Biotage
Model: Isolera Spektra Four
Function: Separation of Essential Substance Amounts through High Performance Liquid Chromatogrphy
Foto Praeparative HPLC
TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy)
Manufacturer: Zeiss
Model: Leo EM910
Function: Magnification up to 512.000 X, 40-120 kV, Tröndle Camera System
Foto Transmissions-Elektronen-Mikroskop
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo
Model: TGA/DSC1 STARe System
Function: Thermogravimetry, Melting Point Detection / Decomposition / Amorphous Phase Transition
UV Reactors
Manufacturer: Southern New England Ultraviolet Company
Model: Rayonet
Function: UV Stimulated Reactions for Volumes up to 300 ml with Lamps RPR-1449/2537 Å, RPR-3000 Å, RPR-3500 Å, RPR-4190 Å
Foto UV-Reaktor
UV/VIS Spectrometer
Manufacturer: Jasco
Model: V660 and V670
Function: UV/VIS Absorption Spectra
Foto UV/VIS Spectrometer
Manufacturer: Beckman
Model: L7-55
Function: Separation with up to 55.000 rpm
Foto Ultrazentrifuge
Manufacturer: Sartorius
Model: MSE125P
Function: Weighing Accuracy 0.01 mg
Foto Analysenwaage
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