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The Faculty of Biosciences has a new website.

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Die Fakultät für Biowissenschaften hat eine neue Webseite.

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We welcome applications from students who have, or expect to have, completed a relevant Bachelors degree with an above-average* grade by the end of the academic year preceding the desired semester of entry.

*Guidelines: German system: at least 2.4; British System, 2.1 or above. Degree subjects should generally be focussed on some aspect of biological sciences, but students with other relevant degrees, for example in chemistry or physics, may be considered for some Majors (see their web links for more information).

Application: gateway to the application

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Deadline: March 15th, 2017

Program Start: October 1st, 2017

When you apply you will be expected to name your preferred Major, and to give a second choice. The numbers of places available in each Major are limited. The initial selection will be made on the basis of the grades obtained so far, plus any other relevant qualifications and experience. Short listed candidates will be interviewed.

For all further information refer to:

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