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The principle idea of the committee is to discuss, organize and realize projects. It is our goal to build bridges between the different Majors, as well as different years, for example by organizing social events. Another aim is to collect ideas on how to improve the teaching and learning experience in the Molecular Bioscience Master Program.

Projects that have already been implemented by the committee include a student mentoring program for the students of the first year, called Study Buddy, and the BIOspective key speaker series.

The official members of the committee are the Major Speakers, but anyone who wants to become involved is highly welcome to join any meeting. These take place on a regular basis, usually once per month.

If you want to join, simply write us a short message to the email address provided below and we will let you know about the next meeting.

Contact: email to or directly approach any of the Major Speakers

Students representatives for the

BIOspective: Talks from a new perspective”,

In the upcoming events popular scientists, life science professionals, industry representatives, and other science relevant persons will be invited to the University of Heidelberg and will give first-hand insights into their own career path and research.5d3 8933

This talk series is organized by us students for students of all levels. Everybody is welcome to propose lecturers and to take an active part in the organization. Moreover these talks will be unique in Heidelberg, providing a platform for bilateral discussion and for crosstalk between the years. We are looking forward to see you there.







Biosciences Retreat March

3rd to 4th 2017, Monastery Obermarchtal Retreat reason:

  • Bridge among all majors and years

  • Introduce opportunities after the master program


Who can participate?

Molecular Bioscience master students from all years and all majors

What do I have o do for it?:

  • Retreat fee will be 10 € for each student

  • Active participation is mandatory (student participations part) Student participations:

  • Poster session (solo or 2 students per poster)

  • 3 minutes talks

Key speakers:

HBIGS, Academia, Industry, Ethics, Start Up’s

MCB Journal Club

The Journal Club gives us Master students a platform to meet, be together and discuss exciting topics in science in a relaxed atmosphere.

For every meeting, two people prepare a short presentation (approximately 15 min) about a scientific issue of their choice which can also be discussed by everyone afterwards.

This is also a great opportunity to practice and improve your presentation skills and get valuable feedback by your peers!

We meet every two or three weeks at 8 pm in one of the seminar rooms at the ground floor of the ZMBH. Dates are announced via email or on our Facebook page.

You are highly welcome to join us anytime!

For contact please write to or froemel@STUD.UNI-HEIDELBERG.

Biosciences Soccer Team

Who says scientists are not interested in sports?!

Our Biosciences Soccer Team definitely proves them wrong. We usually meet on the weekend, latest every other week at the Soccer Arena Heidelberg (Harbigweg 8, 69124 Heidelberg-Kirchheim). Please bring along 5 € for the indoor-court fee. If you are interested, please write an email to: to get the upcoming dates.

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