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Welcome to the homepage of the PhD Program. The Faculty of Biosciences and a number of affiliated institutes and their research facilities have developed a multifaceted PhD Program (see also the structured PhD Programs) which allows for modern and highly sophisticated training and education of our PhD students. The Program is meant to improve your proficiencies  and knowledge in your particular field of study as well as to broaden your scientific horizon beyond the particular research project you will be working on.

Upon successful completion of the PhD Program, your dissertation and defense examination, you will receive a Doctoral Degree Diploma conferring you the title of Dr. rer. nat (Doctor of Natural Sciences). Participation in the structured PhD Programs is highly recommended to all PhD students of the Faculty of Biosciences. We invite you to follow the links below to get more information and to get started today.

Prof. Dr. U. Kummer
Vice Dean
Faculty of Biosciences


Please, check out the following resources before you call the PhD Office

The Graduate Academy offers detailed information about the various avenues for doctoral training at the University of Heidelberg as well as an overview of the prerequisites and formalities for pursuing such training.

Student Administration (for International Students) is where you find information on how to register(matriculate) as a PhD student.  Use this site AFTER you have been admitted as a Doctoral Degree Candidate at the Faculty of Biosciences.  General Information for Foreign Students can be found by clicking here.

To pre-check your qualification please go here: Anabin Website  and read the helping information on our website (Registration)

Below are the links to pages relating to the PhD requirements and procedures of the Faculty of Biosciences.  Please, bookmark this page for future reference (the links are the same as the ones on the navigation panel on the left)

General Information
PhD Programs
Thesis Submission
Forms and Links


Walk-in Opening Hours of the PhD Office

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:00 at the PhD Office,

Im Neuenheimer Feld 234, 5th floor / Room 519

PhD Admissions (Annahme) and Submissions of Thesis (Zulassung zur Prüfung) are handled with complete records/documents only!

The PhD Office will be CLOSED:

!!!! on Thursday, 29. June 2017!!!

(instead you may come on Friday, 30. June from 09:00 - 11:00) 

from 04. September, 2017 to 17. September, 2017

from 22. December, 2017 to 08. January, 2018

These periods HAVE TO BE ADDED to the 8 week advance submission requirement;  however you can schedule your defense examination during these times, provided your commission members have agreed.

Promotionsfeier - PhD Celebration

PhD Celebration (Promotionsfeier) of our Faculty, takes place twice a year:

- in Spring 2017 (24th June 2017) Aula der Neuen Universität at 10.00 am   REGISTRATION ENDED

To download your invitation, click Einladung 24th June 2017 (you may invite two other persons to the event)

- in Autumn  2017 (18-November-2017)  for people who had their Defense Examination during the Summer Term (between 01-April-2017 and 30-September-2017)    REGISTRATION ENDS 03-OCTOBER-2017
You MUST register (if you're going) or opt-out (if you're not going) by filling out and sending the following form:
(the online message you get after filling in the form is your confirmation that you signed on/off)

To download your invitation, click Einladung 18th November 2017 (you may invite two other persons to the event)

- in Spring 2018 (to be announced) for people who had their Defense Examination during the Winter Term (between 01-October-2017 and 31-March-2018) REGISTRATION NOT YET POSSIBLE
You MUST register (if you're going) or opt-out (if you're not going).

Additional Info:
Location: the Aula der Neuen Universität at 10.00 am
For more details about the Celebration, please visit the homepage of the Combined Faculty of Mathematics and Biosciences here



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