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Lazaro Centanin PhD

Current Research

Organ Size Control and Lineage Organization of the Fish Eye.

My main interest is how the eye of the fish grows. I am particularly focused on studying how the neural stem cells of the retina can create every single mature cell type -neurons and glia. I study that process using both inducible over/miss-expression methods and mutants with phenotypes in the proliferative zone of the eye.


Retina 7dpf Medaka

"Retina of a 7dpf Medaka, showing retinal progenitor in red at the margins of the eye, and adjacent newly generated neurons in green".!













Publication List


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- Cell autonomy of HIF effects in Drosophila: tracheal cells sense hypoxia and induce terminal branch sprouting.
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- Cloning of hif-1alpha and hif-2alpha and mrna expression pattern during development in zebrafish.
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- Reversion of lethality and growth defects in Fatiga oxygen-sensor mutant flies by loss of hypoxia-inducible factor-alpha/Sima.
Centanin L, Ratcliffe PJ, Wappner P.
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- Control of the hypoxic response in Drosophila melanogaster by the basic helix-loop-helix PAS protein similar.
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